Beyond Boring Patios: Inspire Your Outdoor Space with Sandstone Circles and Features 

The field of home design is a constantly evolving landscape where trends emerge and personal touch with creativity takes centre stage. While interior design continues to captivate homeowners, the importance of well-crafted exterior spaces is gaining equal momentum. Landscape architects and some selective homeowners alike who love to be different are increasingly turning to natural stones and materials to cultivate beautiful and functional outdoor areas.

This informative guide goes through the transformative potential of sandstone circles, a versatile element that can effortlessly change and enhance your backyard into an inviting haven or a sophisticated patio retreat. Sandstone, a highly durable material renowned for its use in patios, offers a never-ending list of design possibilities, allowing your home to truly stand out. As a leading UK supplier of premium natural stones, we have a deep understanding of the power these elements hold to truly renovate your outdoor space.

Let’s get through this informative guide on how to change your outdoor space using sandstone circles and create a space that reflects your unique personality.

What are sandstone circles?

Sandstone circles, as suggested by the name, are circular-shaped designs crafted using sandstone material. They work as a focal point in your outdoor area and help distinguish the entertainment and sitting areas from the remaining outdoor space. You can create a sitting area or an activity place for your family or friends using these circles, as they are perfect to add a touch of playful charm to any garden.

Types of Sandstone Circle Paving

Sandstone circles come in different types based on the material used to suit the design preferences of different projects. Let’s go through each of them to know which stone you can use for which project and colour type.

Autumn Brown Sandstone Circle Paving

Autumn Brown sandstone is one of the most popular circle paving options, featuring a warm and earthy blend of brown tones all over the surface. It helps add a sophisticated and rustic touch to any outdoor area. 

Colour: Warm red, brown, and grey-brown tones.

Design Style: This paving option complements contemporary and traditional design styles well.

Application Area: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Garden Features.

Buff Sandstone Circle Paving

Another popular choice in circle paving among homeowners and designers is buff sandstone circle paving. This natural stone palette showcases the stunning tones of warm mustard and adds a calming and elegant touch to your outdoors.

Colour: Warm mustard to golden and tan hues which include cream, yellow, and oranges.

Design Style: This paving solution is best used with contemporary and traditional design styles.

Application Area: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Garden Features.

Kandla Grey Sandstone Circle Paving

Kandla Grey is the most popular sandstone paving among all due to its’ simple yet beautiful colour surface and uniformity in design. This stone is well known to have a classic and attractive finish. It helps add interest to your outdoor space.

Colour: It contains hues of yellow, grey, pink, brown, and neutral shades.

Design Style: This paving solution best complements classic, modern, and sleek design styles.

Application Area: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Garden Features.

Mint Fossil Sandstone Circle Paving

Mint fossil sandstone circle paving is renowned due to its high durability and distinctive appearance. This sandstone material is suitable for all weather conditions and types and creates a standout focal point in outdoor areas.

Colour: It showcases a mixture of pale pastel and beige tones with warmer orange and deep brown tones and cool mints throughout the surface, along with occasional fossil markings.

Design Style: This paving solution best complements classic, traditional, and sophisticated design styles.

Application Area: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Garden Features.

Raj Green Sandstone Circle Paving

Raj Green Sandstone Paving Solution is another gem in paving stones, popular due to its ability to keep your outdoor space looking alive for years to come. It brings a unique and attractive character to any outdoor area.

Colour: It displays stunning and predominant tones of green, greys, and gentle browns, with some bright orange and occasional dusky hues.

Design Style: This paving solution best complements classic, traditional, and contemporary design styles.

Application Area: Driveways, Walkways, Patios, and Garden Features.

Choosing the Right Sandstone

Choosing the right sandstone material for your project is necessary, as it will determine the look of your outdoor area and how it will come out as a final product. Choosing a stone that suits other elements in the space is also necessary, and for this, you need to go through a few things, which include:


Sandstone offers an extensive range of different tones, from warm Raj green to earthy Indian buff. Go through your paving area, the elements you have used in the place, and the design style you want to incorporate. After analysing the things, choose the one that better complements and suits the dynamics of your existing landscape.


There are various finishes available for sandstone circle paving, ranging from textured to rustic and smooth. Choosing the right finish helps in delivering the best possible look you desire for your outdoor, Go through every finish style and choose the one that best complements the outdoor environment and other elements.

Size and thickness:

Size and thickness play a vital role in choosing the right sandstone material for your outdoor space, as choosing the correct size and thickness helps create a more inclusive and homogeneous paving solution. Choosing the right fit leaves no space for further correction and makes your outdoor stand out perfectly.

Make your patio stand out and add the finishing touches.

For an extra touch of magic to make your outdoor space stand out from others, you can consider incorporating:


Lightning changes the look of a place like nothing else, and strategically placing the lights in an area so that they can highlight the features of the material as well as create a more attractive and captivating ambience is necessary. It will not only help in transforming the overall look, but it will also make your exterior feel brighter and more spacious at night.


You can also surround the paving circle with plants and different flower pots to add an extra touch of natural beauty. Natural things align best with other natural materials, creating a more cohesive and inclusive environment outdoors and brightening up the energy of the area.


Lastly, adding extra accessories such as outdoor furniture, different sculptures, or water features is also an advantage in creating a stunning outdoor patio where you can also hang out with your friends and family. These things will further enhance the paving and work as a focal point or entertainment area in your outdoor space.


Sandstone is one of the most popular choices for various commercial and residential project requirements, as it offers several great benefits, from handling the high foot traffic to withstanding various environmental elements for years to come. Putting them in circle paving not only helps in making your patios stand out in terms of looks but also offers a more functional paving solution among all.

With a little inspiration and the right materials, sandstone circles and features can transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Choose the right sandstone material for your project, browse our circle pavings, and get premium-quality material for your outdoor space that showcases your personality and design style more.

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