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A lasting paving option for your outdoors that is aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Cobblestone Paving: Stylish and Lasting

Cobblestone paving slabs have been used for centuries for driveways and pathways as they are naturally durable and strong and can easily withstand heavy foot traffic without showing any sign of cracking or chipping. They can also be used as a decorative edging item, as they offer an earthy look that looks beautiful outdoors. 

Stonecera is among the top cobblestone suppliers in the UK. We offer a wide range of durable and attractive cobblestone paving slabs to suit the different project needs of our various customers. 

Cobblestone pavers stand out as being one of the most durable and long-lasting, creating an authentic old-world charm feel while also adding value to the place they are installed.

garden pathways featuring beautiful kandla grey cobbles

Cobblestone paving slabs are a famous option for outdoor due to their strength to withstand heavy foot traffic and loads for a longer period of time without showing any sign of cracking or chipping. They also don’t need a replacement for a longer period of time, withstanding the test of time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Cobblestones made of natural stones are a great choice to enhance the overall outlook of the outdoors. As they are adorned with natural beauty and beautiful colour patterns that offer an earthy feel that catches the eye of visitors as soon as they enter the area. 

Easy To Install

Cobblestones are small pieces of stone that come in mostly two shapes: square and rectangular, which makes them easy to lay. There are mainly two ways of laying cobblestone pavers: either using mortar or a dry base, which is labour-intensive, but you can also do it yourself.

Weather & Stain Resistant

Cobblestones made of natural stones have a natural ability to withstand harsh weather and stains. Any spills can be easily wiped off, and no stain will be left behind. And the laying process involved in the paving of cobblestone protects it from windstorms and bad weather.

Cobblestone paving slabs are slabs made of natural stone or any other material usually used in outdoor areas, as they are usually strong and durable in nature and offer a lasting flooring option outdoors.

Cobble block paving slabs offer a number of benefits, which include durability, longevity, high resistance to weather and scratching, and aesthetic appearance.

Cobblestones are usually made of natural stones such as granite, sandstone, and limestone, but they can also be made up of a combination of different stones such as basalt and other natural stones.

To remove the dust particles from the surface, wipe the surface of the stone with non-abrasive clothes. For wet cleaning, use a pH-neutral mild detergent and then clean it with warm water, after which rinse and dry the surface well.

Yes, cobblestone pavers are slip-resistant, as they have a rough and textured surface that prevents slipping and makes them a safer option to walk on.

You can choose the paving slab by listing the essentials you are looking for in your paving, such as colour, size, and type of stone, or you can directly contact us.

Yes, cobblestone paving slabs are environmentally friendly as they are made of natural stones and have a lower carbon footprint.

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