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Porcelain tiles are man-made stone materials famous for their ability to perfectly mimic the look of natural stones while also offering such durability. At Stonecera, we offer a wide range of porcelain tiles that include a beautiful blend of timeless colours and great textures to seamlessly enhance the overall look of your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Stonecera is a one-stop solution to get premium-grade, affordable porcelain tiles for both residential and commercial use in the UK. These tiles can be used in various places and come in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes to choose from.

Shop porcelain tiles from Stonecera in the UK and get your preferred personalised look in your home along with a durable, hard, and slip-resistant flooring option that can last for years and is also easy to maintain.

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To meet the diverse requirements of our customers’ various projects, we provide a wide range of stone products, guaranteeing their satisfaction.

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We always guarantee the prompt delivery of our products, uphold our reputation, and deliver the product within the specified period of time.

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We put a lot of emphasis on providing the finest product possible, along with after-delivery services that are second to none.

Strong & Durable

Porcelain is a durable option for a place where heavy foot traffic is consistent. It can easily bear heavy loads for a longer period of time without showing any signs of cracking or chipping. In addition to this, it is also resistant to harsh weather conditions, making it a perfect option for paving.

Yes, you can install porcelain tiles over any existing tile as long as they provide a clean and level surface. But you need to keep in mind that the surface should be free of any mold or debris.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are clay-based tiles, but porcelain tiles are technically specialised ceramic tiles. There is also a huge difference in the processing and ingredients used during the manufacturing of both tiles.

Usually, unglazed tiles are considered to have an unfinished surface as their processing ends before applying a glossy layer. Once the glass layer is applied to tiles, they are known as glazed porcelain tiles.

You must first identify all of the specifications you have for your project and list each one in detail, including size, colour, texture, pattern, finish, and a variety of other factors. OR you can spend less time getting in touch with a specialist who can advise you on the ideal porcelain tile for your project.

You will first need to know the square foot area you need to cover, then divide the total area or room covered by the total area of tiles, and you will get your answer. And if you find it difficult, then asking a professional will definitely help you.

Porcelain tiles can easily last more than 60 years if maintained well, which makes them worth the money invested.

Porcelain tiles are one of the best options to use in outdoor areas, as they are highly durable and strong and can easily withstand high foot traffic.

Porcelain tiles are usually ceramic tiles made of dense clay used to cover floors and walls. They have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5% and come in a variety of finishes.

Porcelain tiles offer a number of benefits to homeowners and designers, which include their resistance to water, stains, scratches, and fire. They are comparatively more hygienic than other tile options and are easy to clean and maintain.

It is easy to clean porcelain tiles; all you are required to do is get some mild detergent and soap and warm water, mix them, clean the surface using a mop, and then wash it gently. Then end your cleaning process with a dry towel.

Yes, porcelain tiles contain hard, textured surfaces, making them highly resistant to wear and scratches caused by high foot traffic.

Yes, some finishes of porcelain tiles are highly resistant to slipping, having a slip rating of R11, which makes them safer to walk on.

Porcelain tiles are made of denser clay, which makes them a hard and durable material that results in a surface resistant to cracking and chipping.

The requirement for sealant is based on the type of porcelain tiles you choose, as some need some penetrating sealant and some don’t need any.

Yes, porcelain tiles have long been used to enhance the overall appearance and aesthetic of walls.

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