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Golden Ledger Panel


Golden ledger panels exude a warm and inviting aura, adding a touch of luxury to any setting. With their stunning golden hue, these panels create a radiant and elegant ambiance. The golden tones bring a sense sophistication to accent walls, fireplace surrounds, and exterior cladding. The panels beautifully catch and reflect light, creating a shimmering effect that enhances the overall aesthetic. Golden ledger panels are perfect for creating a sense of grandeur and are well-suited for both traditional and contemporary design styles. .

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Golden Ledger panels are one of the popular choices for various homeowners and designers. These panels are made of high-quality natural slate stone, which offers great durability and clear finishes. These panels look great in bright sunshine and enhance the overall brightness of the area.

Stonecera is one of the leading importers and suppliers of the finest-quality golden ledger panels in the UK. All our slate products are carefully hand-selected from all the reliable suppliers around the world to ensure the best quality is delivered to our customers.

Golden ledger panels are first cut into strips and then arranged in panels backed by cement for easy installation on the walls. These panels offer versatility and can be used in both commercial and residential projects.

Benefits of Using Golden Ledger Panels


These ledger panels are made of natural stone, which makes them a durable option that lasts for a long time.

Ease of Installation:

Installing these panels on your walls is an easy task that doesn’t take much time and can be done quickly.

Minimal Maintenance:

Slate panels require minimal maintenance, which is another benefit for busy homeowners and commercial spaces.


Golden Ledger Panels are versatile in nature and can be used in various application areas, which are mentioned below.

Application Areas

Feature walls:

A feature wall is a trendy way to add depth and character to any living space, and it can be done perfectly using golden ledger panels.


You can also create a cosy and brighter atmosphere by adding these panels to fireplace surrounds.

Exterior cladding:

Golden ledger panels add curb appeal to your outdoors while protecting your walls from the elements.


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