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Yellow Limestone Natural Paving – Mix Pack


Yellow limestone paving is a durable yet beautiful option for hardscaping and landscaping projects. This stone paving feels traditional while laid and suits any house style well, creating a stunning patio that remains full of character for a long time. Yellow limestone paving contains a beautiful fusion of cream, honey, yellow, brown, and buff colours, which is great for offering an antique look of the old countryside. Using limestone paving in your outdoor space will provide you with a lasting and strong patio.

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Our Yellow Limestone Natural Paving Stone is a meticulously crafted material made of high-quality natural stone that combines a beautiful combination of stunning looks and durability. It showcases the warm, golden hues that brighten the outdoor surface and make a place look more spacious.

At Stonecera, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality yellow limestone natural paving in mix packs in the UK. We offer a range of limestone products that are specifically selected from reliable sources around the world to ensure the best quality is offered to our customers.

This stone offers great benefits, including low maintenance and longevity, which makes it a go-to choice for patios, gardens, and pathways. Each pack we offer showcases a harmonious blend of various sizes that allows for versatile and visually eye-catching installations on exteriors.

Key Features:

Natural radiance

Yellow Limestone contains a rich, golden hue with distinctive veining that adds a touch of natural beauty to any outdoor setting.


This natural pavement mix pack is extremely hard, weather-resistant, and resistant to the elements, making it a fantastic long-term investment for any outdoor space.


The mix pack comprises a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing for innovative and adjustable installations to fit a wide range of design preferences and landscaping requirements.

Key Applications:

  • Garden Pathways
  • Patio Paving
  • Landscape Design
  • Pathways


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