Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Paving Slabs

Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone contains a much darker tone of colours than the colours in mint fossil sandstone. It is a distinctive choice of paving that blends well with either element of your outdoor area and creates a beautiful patio. Stonecera is one of the leading importer and supplier of the finest quality Lalitpur yellow sandstone in the UK. All our sandstone products are hand-picked from reliable sources in India to ensure the best quality is delivered to our customers.

Lalitpur yellow sandstone is a beautiful mix of mellow, rich, and golden colours with some little variations. This stone is hard-wearing and durable and will last a lifetime if maintained and taken care of well, offering a lasting paving option.


Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone Paving is great to use in hardscaping and landscaping projects in both residential and commercial spaces for patios, courtyards, paths, and driveways.

Lalitpur Yellow

What is Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone?

Discover the premium quality of Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone – a natural stone that adds warmth and elegance to any project. Boasting stunning shades of yellow, buff, and golden tones, this stone speaks luxury. Not only is it ideal for any climate, but it also has remarkable heat resistance. Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone’s durability ensures that it withstands even the toughest wear and tear, providing a stable foundation for years to come. This natural stone is easily carved, which gives you the freedom to add a distinct, natural split surface to any project. Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone is built to withstand the toughest conditions while maintaining its beauty and functionality. Make Lalitpur Yellow Sandstone the perfect choice for your next project.

Properties of Lalitpur yellow sandstone:

  • Lalitpur yellow sandstone is characterized by an ochre hue and coarse-grained surface with beautiful veining and fleury cuts.
  • Strong: Before installation, you can easily break Lalitpur yellow sandstone to form a distinctive natural split surface, but after laying, it works as a hard and durable stone that is difficult to break
  • Durable: Lalitpur yellow sandstone is a strong, hard, and lasting stone that lasts for a lifetime if maintained and taken care of well.
  • Water absorbent: Lalitpur yellow sandstone is a durable stone that works well in every season, whether it’s rainy, heat, or cold due to its heat and water resistant nature
  • Heat Resistance: highly resistant to heat and stays the same as new even after being exposed to high temperatures.

How do you protect Lalitpur yellow sandstone from water?

Through sealant, you can protect your Lalitpur yellow sandstone from absorbing water and other moisture-prone elements.

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