One of the most preferred outdoor paving options with a riven surface that

looks attractive and beautiful all around.

High-Quality Slate Stone Slabs

Natural slate paving is a unique and modern way to enhance the overall look of your outdoor patio. The slate patio is one of the most durable and lasting options for patios, and it can last for decades if maintained well. Slate is a natural material; hence, it offers an earthy and natural look to the place where it is installed.

Stonecera is an importer and supplier of slate stone slabs in the UK. We import high-quality stone slabs from renowned suppliers around the world. We offer a wide range of slate stone slabs to suit the different project needs of our customers.

Natural slate is a beautiful and attractive natural stone that can be used to add a more personalized look to your hardscaping and landscaping projects. Slate is considered a great option for outdoor flooring in the UK as it has a low water absorption rate, which makes it ideal for the British climate.

black slate stone
Attractive Appearance

Slate helps achieve a unique and enhanced style that can last a long time without fading its shine. It offers a stunning finish and comes in a range of colours and textures to choose from.

Water and stain-resistant

Slate is highly resistant to stains and water, which means any spill can be easily washed off its surface without leaving any stains behind.

Lasting Longevity

The slate contains some fantastic technical properties, resulting in a long-lasting slab option for outdoor paving. You should keep in mind that laying slate slabs properly and then caring for them while adhering to best practices will make your slate paving a lasting solution for your hardscaping and landscaping projects.


Slates can be used both indoors and outdoors in living areas to create a uniform look all over. Slate has a riven, textured surface that has naturally anti-slip properties, which makes it a safer option to walk on during wet or rainy times. It is also not affected by moisture or temperature.

A slate stone is a fine-grained metamorphic rock. It is the only rock that cleaves or directly splits into slate slabs that contain great strength and durability.

Slate comes with a lot of advantages, which include resistance to chipping, scratches, breaking, stains, water, and cracking. If maintained well, it can easily last for decades.

Yes, slate stone slabs are a versatile material that can be used both indoors and outdoors on walls, floors, worktops, and paving.

Slate stone slabs are usually available in two finishes, which include natural and polished, but it also depends on the supplier as to which finish he is dealing in.

Take a pH-neutral cleanser and any other cleaning washer that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and mop your natural slate stone daily with them to maintain its shine and texture for a long period of time.

Slate stone slabs are a highly resistant material to stains and scratches, making them a must-opt-in option for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Slate stone slabs are a natural material containing all the good properties of natural stone, which means they are highly durable and are a perfect fit to use in high-traffic areas.

Yes, Highly resistant to heat and fire, providing some of the best protection against heated flooring and the spread of fire.

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