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Kandla Grey Cobblestone Paving


Kandla Grey Cobbles will match with any stone, wall, or color. It is being used to create stylish, subtle, and fashionable projects up and down the country, thanks to its beautiful colour palette and ability to match with any surroundings.

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Kandla grey cobblestones are basically rectangular and square-shaped small pieces of original Kandla grey sandstone. These cobble setts are a perfect way to offer a sophisticated and lasting look outdoors, as they have a beautiful ability to seamlessly match their surroundings.

Stonecera is a prominent importer and supplier of Kandla grey cobblestone paving slabs in the UK. We offer durable and strong cobble setts that work well outdoors. Our Kandla grey cobble setts are imported from renowned suppliers around the world to ensure the best quality delivered to our customers.

These setts come in a beautiful and subtle mix of grey tones with hand-cut edges and naturally split surfaces. You can easily create a personalised and unique look in your outdoor space with these beautiful grey cobblestones.


Kandla Grey Cobbles paving slabs are great to use in outdoor areas of both residential and commercial spaces for patios, courtyards, paths, and driveways.


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